Conversatons: A Tribute to Cooper Park

Eva Beltran

16 March 2022 - 3 April 2022

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Cooper Park is Eva Beltran's daily voyage into wonderment. Every morning she embarks on a journey through its creeks and rainforest trails, starting a conversation with this enchanting oasis of nature. She describes it as a "silent dialogue", more emotional than rational, which afterwards is replayed, explored, and expressed into canvas at her studio, where these paintings have taken form. Eva's exhibition aims to acknowledge and honour the unique natural beauty of Cooper Park, a refuge of nature which has given her and many other locals so much joy throughout these challenging two years. A tribute to an iconic local park in Woollahra.


Eva Beltran is a Sydney based artist. She has an expressionist approach to subjects, aiming to depict an emotional experience more than a physical reality. Her work speaks about landscapes, emotions, and memories through abstract figurations where intricate perspective is conveyed through linework variations and layers of paint. Eva's paintings have been selected as finalists in national landscape prizes including the Glover Art Prize (Evandale, TAS); the Paddington Art Prize (Sydney, NSW); the Mosman Art Prize (Sydney, NSW); the Lethbridge Landscape Art Prize (Brisbane, QLD), and the Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize (McLauren Vale, SA).

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31st Mar 2022

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