Youth Photographic Award and Short Film Prize 2021

Browse through this years entries in our online exhibition, and don't forget to vote for the People's Choice where the winner will receive a $150 cash prize. Click on the thumbnail to view the image, and follow the prompt to vote. Please vote for one entrant only in each of the Junior and Senior categories. Voting closes 1 December and the winner will be announced here early December..

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Pod by Zac Coonan Yr 9, Waverley College

Back in time by James Iatrou Yr 8, Waverley College

Alisha by Shyla Nainu Yr 9, Ascham School

Hidden Gems by Robbie Wyer Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Clouds by Eloise Tonner Yr 9, KRB

Endless water by Jimmy Purchas Yr 7, the Scots College

The Wild Flower by Adi Bocman Yr 7, Moriah War Memorial College

Ship by Lucy Arundell Yr 7, Kincoppal Rose Bay School

Naturally Me by Sophia Stewart Yr 8, St Clares College

Dancing with Ghosts by Zoe Schmidt Yr 9, Ascham School

On The Run by Noah Gil Yr 7, Reddam House

Sunrise by Indigo Bell Yr 7, KRB

My Happy Place by Joshua Tsoukalas Yr 8, Waverley College

Wonder by Ciara Morris Yr 7, KRB

Dog Park by Yana-Rose Dalglish Yr 9, Reddam House

Gotcha by Lochlain Wotherspoon Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Flowers by Claudia Creagh Yr 7, KRB

Untitled by Erica Smith Yr 8, KRB

Moon by Siena Taylor Yr 9, KRB

Beach Path by Veronica Old Yr 7, Kincoppal

Serenity at Redleaf by Aaron Stefanovski-Abarzua Yr 7, Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School

Tick by Constantine Iatrou Yr 10, Waverley College

Motherhood by Lauren Nolan Yr 9, KRB

Sydney Icons by Hugo Andreas Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Sunset by Grace Ktenas Yr 7, St Clare's College

Internal Light by Robert Ingham Yr 8, Cranbrook School

Atteignant Les Étoiles by Isabel Mudoch Yr 9, Ascham School

Pathway by Charlie Bramah Yr 7, KRB

Stairway to heaven by Lachlan McInnes Yr 7, the Scots College

Endangered by Max Stone Yr 7, Cranbrook School

Oculus by Georgina Maxwell Yr 9, KRB

Nature is God's art by Tyler Gruenpeter Yr 7 Reddam House

Morning Light by Olivia Dobbie Yr 9, St Clare's College

Untitled by Max Lister Yr 7, the Scots College

Times Up by Daniel Shields Yr 9, Cranbrook School

A Mother's Love by Jack Stone Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Gone by Adam Yasin Grant Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Martian Sword by James Peate Yr 8, Waverley College

Clean Up by Henry Alexander Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Reflections by Tahlia Meli Yr 9, KRB

A Delicate Reality by Tia Stitt Yr 9, Ascham School

Flawless by James Mills Yr 9, Cranbrook School


Light beam by Sophia Song Yr 10, Kambala

Lockdown life by Cameron Scade Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Untitled by Zara Psirakis Yr 10, Kambala

Empty by Emily Chubb Yr 11 KRB

Pinch of salt by Angus Stanford Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Wishing we were in Santorini portrait by Ruby Smuskowitz Yr 12, Moriah War Memorial College

Little Brother Von by Emma Pfister Yr 10, St Clare's College

Colony by Nicole Hayim Yr 12, Moriah War Memorial College

Untitled by Hannah McGlinchey Yr 11, Kambala

Luminous by Tobias Trueman-Farrell Yr 11, Cranbrook School

It's all in the make-up by Duke Wieland Yr 12, Waverley College

The reservoir by Payton Green Yr 11, Kambala

The Ambiguity of Power by Evie Watson Yr 11, Sceggs

In This Together by Gabriel Stafford Yr 11, Reddam House

Changing Spaces by Amelia Parker Yr 11, Ascham School

Indulgences by Lucy Ross Yr 11, Kambala

Backyard Christo by Felix Swan Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Toilet Paper Pingpong by Charlie Bickerstaff Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Remote Learning by Shakira Silverton Yr 11, Kambala

Face Off by Taliah Strang Yr 10, Kambala

With a blink of an eye by Rupert North Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Femme au foyer by Emma Hassett Yr 11, Ascham School

Vanitas by Ashna Sahi Yr 11, Kambala

Paradoxical tranquillity by Josh Waitsman Yr 12, Cranbrook School

Lockdown Dinner by Jasper Leslight Yr 10, Cranbrook School

When objects dream by Brooke Schreck Yr 10, Kambala

Kombucha in Hotel Quarantine by Harry Pemberton Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Summer in Santa Monica by Eve Kidston Yr 10, St Clare's College

Checkmate by Muir Robertson Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Untitled by Sophie Purseglove Yr 10, Kambala

Circle of Eternity by Leora Shafransky Yr 10, Kambala

Way to school by Jessica Hou Yr 11, KRB

Untitled by Brooke Schreck Yr 10, Kambala

A sliver of heaven by Emerie Boone Yr 10, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Food Confusion by Amber Burke Yr 11, Kambala

Blood Moon by Stanley Thomson Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Merely an illusion by Eva Stewart Yr 11, Ascham School

A Picture of Our Universe by Tehya McEvoy Yr 11, Ascham School

Isolated by Hugo Isert Yr 10, Cranbrook School

11am Briefing by Ethan Zheng Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Break time by Daniel Slade Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Street Mirror by Luke White Yr 10, Waverley College

Captive by Juliette Litver Yr 10, Ascham School

Smile Please by Luis Soncini Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Beyond by Sienna Parry Yr 10, St Clare's College

Into the Void by James Lane Yr 11, Cranbrook School

The Frame by Alexander Latimer-Neubig Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Brushes by Allegra Miranda Yr 11, Kambala

Lockdown by Alice Sullivan Yr 12, St Clare's College

Roxy by Boh Von Euw Yr 10, St Clare's College

The Nature Self by Lucinda Stevenson Yr 11, Ascham School

Inner World of Purple Imagination by Lucia Betts Yr 10, St Clare's College

Pantheon by Georgia Gionis Yr 11, St Clare's College

Untitled by Lily McCowan Yr 10, Kambala

Two Worlds Collide by Toby Callaghan Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Splashin' Around by Ben Klackin Yr 12, Cranbrook School

Home by Sophia Tassis Yr 11, Kambala

Pre-lockdown adventures by Brooke Scott Yr 10, St Clare's College

Quality Time by George Hudson Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Morning Briefing by Barnaby Pearson-Cheek Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Flag by Tobey Holland Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Eye of the Ocean by Alexys Loke-Jeffery Yr 10, St Clare's College

Binding Blindness by Amy McKenzie Yr 11, Ascham School

Small Escapes from Lockdown by Yani Hickey Berry Yr11, Cranbrook School

Untitled by Allegra Pirie Yr 11, Kambala

Raw Rembrandt by Sam Gipson Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Short Films

Through Their Eyes by Roisin Carey, Yr 10 Ascham School

After Life by Angus Stanford, Yr 10 Cranbrook School

Journey by Benjamin Futeran Yr 8, Moriah War Memorial College

The Phone by Joe Traucki, Yr 10, Rose Bay Secondary College

Golden Hour By Joshua Segal Yr 12 , Moriah War Memorial College

Baking with the Bako's by Xavier Hanna Yr 7, Reddam House

Nude by George Cheney Yr 12, Cranbrook School

The Unseen by Sophie Johnston Yr 11, Kincoppal Rose Bay

Nothing by Emerie Boone, Yr 10 Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Transcending Time by Josh Waitsman Yr 12, Cranbrook School

HYPERFLOW by Lily Dawson Yr 12, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Lego under attack by Thomas Kenny Yr 11, Waverley College

To Exist,To Survive,To Live by Erica Eather Yr 11, Kincoppal Rose Bay

Beach Day by Roy Lumsden Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Seconds by Guy Alder Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Stories of the Night by Chanel Bocman Yr 11, Moriah War Memorial College

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