Artists in Residence

Current Artists in Residence, July - October 2024

Hal Witney


Autographic mark making, self-referential narratives and personal idioms. These are the vehicles through which Hal Witney expresses the spiritual and psychosocial tension between our hyper-sexualised, image-saturated consumer culture, and the self. Piggybacking upon the history of figuration in art and drawing from the inexhaustible arsenal of the digital realm, Hal unpacks this existential predicament with mischief and delight.

Whilst in residence at Woollahra, Hal will develop a series of large-scale works on paper, incorporating textile elements, found objects, and kinetic contrivances.

The Little Umbrella Collective


The Little Umbrella Collective is an all-inclusive cooperative of artists living with and without disabilities. Members include Luke Abdallah, Crystal Leigh Adams, Kathryn Bird, Lucrezia Maria Brotto, Sudheera Dissanayake, Matt Elliott, Zachariah Fenn, Oliver Fontany, Max Pruden, Anna Seymour, Jeremy Swales, and Rowan Yeomans.

Born out of a desire to address the gaps and limitations in opportunities and support for higher needs disability artists, The Little Umbrella Collective platforms a truly inclusive art practice whilst championing a mission to ‘level the playing field’. Within this structure, artists co-create and learn from each other without prejudice.

Whilst in residence at the Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf, The Little Umbrella Collective will develop a body of work that advocates for the true inclusivity of adults living with disabilities within the art industry. 


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