Michelle Chanique

Artist in Residence March - May 2022


Michelle Chanique is a Sydney based artist who was born in Santiago, Chile. Chanique works across photography, video, and sculpture, and is fundamentally preoccupied with taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Maybe due to being an immigrant herself, a constant theme in her work is ‘displacement’, which has evolved and taken on many different shapes and forms.

Chanique’s objective is to engage the viewer on a reflection of the everyday, to elevate the banal, and to consider how the emotional, the psychological and the physical can evoke meaning or lack of, and most importantly a sense of play.

Chanique holds a Bachelor’s degree from UNSW Art & Design, and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from UNSW Art & Design in 2020. She has exhibited widely in Sydney and Melbourne and has been commissioned by Fairfield City Council to produce a video work.