Exhibition space with sculptures on display


Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf builds its exhibition program around an annual call for expressions of interest from artists, collectives and curators. These exhibition opportunities are open to Australia-based practitioners across all mediums and career levels.

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Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence Program has supported artist residencies since 2013. The Program provides two non-residential studios for 16 weeks at a time for artists to deepen their research, experiment and create. In return for use of the studio space and a stipend of $1,600, resident artists devise and deliver community projects that opportune the active participation of Woollahra residents. Resident artists are also encouraged to open their studios to the public. The Artist in Residence Program operates on an expression of interest model, with an annual call-out occurring between November-January.

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Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize

The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize attracts some of the world’s most exciting and innovative professional and emerging sculptors. Established in 2001 as the first national acquisitive prize for an original, freestanding sculpture of up to 80cm in any dimension, the Prize attracts strong support from artists, collectors and critics.

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Youth Photographic Award and Short Film Prize

Founded by Woollahra Council in 1994, The Youth Photographic Award and Short Film Prize showcases the talent of young aspiring photographers and filmmakers.

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Public Art Program

Woollahra Council’s commitment to public art is expressed through a range of different public art opportunities that preserve, emphasise, enhance and expand on the distinctive local identity.

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