Nature of Redness

20 March - 14 April 2024


Natalie O'Connor, Observation of Cadmium Red and red earth at Mungo

Embedded within a Mungo stratum in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region is a 100,000-year-old rich ancient red. Inspired by a remarkable encounter with this vivid distillation of a past epoch, Natalie O'Connor presents a series of experimental observations that delve into this lush and loaded hue. Drawing upon an extensive background in the international colour manufacturing industry and her recently completed PhD research at the UNSW, O’Connor’s practice melds both artistic, sensorial and scientific sensibilities, proffering a unique perspective on the possibilities of the palette. As observers delve into the intricate relationships between colour, history, and our perception of the world, Nature of Redness becomes a visual and contemplative journey into the materiality, essence, and development of this timeless and captivating colour.

Nature of Redness was developed with assistance from Winsor & Newton and in consultation with Elders of the Three Traditional Tribal Groups (3TTG), the communities of Mungo and the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service at the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area.