[holding] space

6 - 17 March 2024


Sammy Hawker, the physical universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere, 2024

How does a space communicate? What exists in ‘empty’ space? Topographically, a harbour (noun) is a holding space – a body of water protected from the wind, waves and ocean currents that churn beyond; deep enough to allow anchorage. To harbour (verb) is to keep a thought or feeling, especially secretly. Sydney harbour is a holding space of secrets and memories; the residue of its history saturates its bays, banks and depths. 

Processed with water from the harbour, the analogue photographs in this exhibition resonate with the memories that exist within. They tell of the dark violence of colonisation, the dendritic pattern of the harbour’s sunken river valley, the fig trees that line its shores and the icy comets & grains of solar dust that formed the Earth’s oceans. 

The works in this exhibition were created during Sammy Hawker's 3-month artist residency at Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf (Gadigal & Birrabirragal Country).