We didn't see it the same.

7 February - 3 March 2024

Mason Kimber, Fragment 16

Mason Kimber, Fragment 16, 2023

We didn't see it the same. is an immersive gallery takeover, uniting three artists whose practices examine the constant fluxes of memories and archives through strategies of romanticisation, abstraction and hybridisation.

Sam Holt’s works are artefacts of cumulative action: images that comprise the residue of iterative painted, photographic, and digital manipulations. Gathering and recontextualising architectural mouldings, Mason Kimber’s sculptural paintings capture, collage and distort impressions of place. Across a mercurial practice, Sarah Mosca probes the roles and historical nuances of photography, film and sculpture. Throughout this collaboration, each artist in their own way performs a mimesis; their material alchemy mirroring the theatre of fact.